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DCK(Dark Carnival Klan) is a bunch of teenage or young adults who are known as mostly "juggalos"(Followers of icp) who rep a green bandanna. They are mostly seen wearing the same clothing they wore for a weeks straight. They are harmless even if they claim that shit will go down. They will call the cops on you, and are known to be very close with the Franklin police.
"DCK called the cops on me and my boys because we stood up to them"
by Nazblink May 18, 2009
DCK is an organization made out of people who love to dance, party sober, and scream their heart out. They know how to skate and grew up skating. They are known for usually wearing DC Shoes brand and DGK ALL DAY clothing. Known for supporting bands and going to shows. They are not the people you see on earth everyday, weird and from out of mars, definitely the best people you will meet. They are dedicated to succeed and finish live life to it's fullest. Don't really care what people have to say behind their backs. Against suicide and violence. Nice people that express who they are no matter who likes it and who doesn't. They live by the rule, "Fuck, dude let's party with out the dirty hoes who keep hatin' dey shall go get drunk off their butts and die"
Damn look at that DCK kid, he's freaking amazing man, we should go party with him, cuz he's a cool fuck.
by DCKALLDAY February 05, 2009
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