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acronym for Desi Born Confused American
used for desis that come to the states, usually in their teens and/ or for college, and get influenced beyond identification. they adopt a totally american lifestyle, usually talking in an american-affected accent and trying to lose touch with their families back home for fear of not being completely american. they usually have difficulty getting back to the desi way if/ when they go back to their home in the sub-continent. they also try to find spouses in the states to further their agenda. often accompanied by a deep-seated sense of inferiority about their original descent and an underlying need to fit in. it is good for the states since these DCBAs will work hard to be a productive part of the american society even though they might be losing their roots and may end up as illegal immigrants.
coconut ie. a person who is brown on the outside, white on the inside
brownie ie. a person who is actually not that brown/ tan but stands out around white people
when my best friend since fifth grade moved off to california, she became a total DBCA in under 3 months, talking in an accent and turning up her nose at biryani (spicy rice). she even stopped talking to her mum. but i told her i loved her since i still believed she was a true desi beyond all that confusion.
by crookedplanks December 22, 2010
Dirty Ben's Cousin's Ass
Did you see DBCA? It's so huge!
by james September 02, 2003
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