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Acronym meaning Don't Be A Cunt.
Used as a common positive phrase used to remind cunts to be something better.
A cunt is someone who is rude, selfish and thrives on bitching and arse gossip.
Just DBAC, yeah.
by Leo Deus II April 22, 2010
Acronym for "Dildo-Breathed Assclown". A general-purpose derogatory term, but mostly used in online forums to describe particularly obnoxious, trollish individuals.
My god, look what that DBAC is up to now. I wish he'd die in a fire.
by Hatamoto February 29, 2008
Pronounced: D-back

D-Dumb B-Bitch A-Ass C-Cunt

Girls that display characteristics of dumb slutty ho's.

Primary hangout spots: BBC and other skateparks
What a D-bac.

She's a D-bac.
by Toonah August 23, 2009
Douchebag Asscrack
Guy#1: Did you hear that Dave dumped Kellie for her bestfriend?
Guy#2: Yeah! What a DBAC!
by thefuckwhoooooodaaaaaaaaaat? December 26, 2011
Dick Bologna and Cheese
Man that guy is such a Dbac
by Slick Dick Rick February 01, 2008

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