Dumb As Rocks, being really really dumb
That greg is Dar
by drstreetd February 10, 2012
Someone who is adorable or hot.
Girl 1: OMG Aaron is so dar!

Girl 2: I know right!
by larryshipper377 May 26, 2014
Stupid person or act. Can be used to describe an event, situation, or personality.
Andrea is a Dar for dropping that beer.
Andrea is really Darish this week
Andrea, you are a fucking DAR
by Arcan August 23, 2003
A term used for exclamation, disbelief and/or astonishment.
Shaun just licked a buckeye in the shower...DAR!
by Doug Doran July 07, 2006
Discrimination Against Retards. Very popular group in rural areas where retards get all the attention and normal people don't.
Guy 1: Those retards are gettin all the attention because they bake cookies.
Guy 2: We have got to join D.A.R.!
by D$ March 28, 2005
a variation of arse. It is also something you say when something bad happens, as it easier than saying arse because it is all smooth to say, like smooth criminal style.
*fred has just been knocked over by a van*
fred: "dars..."
by scuntic dan runtic April 27, 2003
Anything, everything, and nothing at all.
Person #1: Hey whats up?
Person #2: Dar.

Situation: Something awesome happens.
Person 1; That's so Dar! :D

Situation: Something bad happenes.
Person 1: Ah man! That's so dar. :

Person 1:How are you?
Person 2: Oh, pretty dar.

Person 1: Do you like this?
Person 2: Its dar.
person 1: *confusion*
Person 2: ;D
by lannyastheysay October 28, 2010

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