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Binghamton University's excuse for a guidance counselor. Students are required to look at a christmas list of classes, that seems to be printed in german, that they are required to fufill. Reading DARS is like trying to understand the immigrant TA's sorry excuse for english at Binghamton. And if something is supposed to be on your DARS that is not on there, good luck fixing it. The schools staff takes a step per hour and runs on the DDS system. (Doesnt Do Shit)
Fuck DARS, they suck ass.
by Shinjo101788 December 04, 2007
Dumb As Rocks, being really really dumb
That greg is Dar
by drstreetd February 10, 2012
Stupid person or act. Can be used to describe an event, situation, or personality.
Andrea is a Dar for dropping that beer.
Andrea is really Darish this week
Andrea, you are a fucking DAR
by Arcan August 23, 2003
Discrimination Against Retards. Very popular group in rural areas where retards get all the attention and normal people don't.
Guy 1: Those retards are gettin all the attention because they bake cookies.
Guy 2: We have got to join D.A.R.!
by D$ March 28, 2005
a variation of arse. It is also something you say when something bad happens, as it easier than saying arse because it is all smooth to say, like smooth criminal style.
*fred has just been knocked over by a van*
fred: "dars..."
by scuntic dan runtic April 27, 2003
A word commonly used to express frustration or general annoyance.

Alternative uses:
For intimidation.

Use of this word is generally followed by a rattling fist in the air.
Girl: Jamie drinks midget piss.
Jamie: "Dar!" * shakes fist *

(Girl builds house of card)
Individual blows them down.
Girl: "Dar!" *shakes fist*
by darrhh August 03, 2010
The opposite of rad. Most uncool, bro.
That movie was so dar. Waste of ten bucks.


Aww, dude, giving candy to strangers' kids is so dar. You know you should TAKE candy from kids.
by doryfinchkins June 05, 2010