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D2FC =Death to Furfags Coalition

a somwhat wannabe trolling group with itś specialisation on furfags the group got most attention in the time middle 2009 early 2010 this group was born and died on youtube

the group is mostly known for dieing and being reborn at least 4times a week

member are easy spotted by their srsbuiz hate towards furries

after their leader gave his command to a bi/gay closet furqueer the group was reformed as the D2MA/D2MB and in the time of the second furryskirmish a furrysection (LOLWUT) D2MT was founded

after the new commander ran away crying for moar yiff a zionist extremist took over

the group is mostly inactive and goes under the name Lightbringer nowadays
D2FC:you´re a furry?
D2FC:yiff in hell
fag: what the

by antibush6 August 28, 2010
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