Acronym for Drug Abuse Resistance Education. Pretty much a big waste of tax money and school hours spent by police officers telling 2-4th graders half truths and flat-out lies about drugs. Along with this, they use scare tactics and educational films about drug addicts (who by default MUST be rapists). It wasted my time, and as a highschooler, I know from experience that none of it really matters.
Me:Not to be one of those pothead dumbasses (I don't care if it's legal or not) but for the record, I would like to say that marijuana doesn't make you stupid, I'm an honor student, and I have a scholarship to a good art school too but I smoke fucking weed ALL THE TIME. Whoever said that they will live a better life than me because they don't get high is a dildo. Drugs have nothing to do with it unless you're a junkie. So have fun with your evangelism and your Purity rings.


Me: Did your mommy tuck you into bed with that story last night or was it on PBS?
by Not a pothead August 25, 2010
Acronym for Drug Abuse Resistance Education, an inherently flawed program which attempts to deter drug abuse by introducing America's children to them at a ridiculously young age. Based on the same backwards philosophy as sex education: that exposure to a very confusing and obscure concept at a young age will somehow prevent future curiosity in the child/teenager.

Also an acronym for Drugs Are Really Expensive: a much more practical and realistic anti-drug philosophy.
DARE introduces children to drugs at a young age.

"Let's focus our discussion first on Mary-jah-uana, m'kay? Mary-jah-uana has a very distinct smell, m'kay? I'm gonna pass around just a little tiny bit and I want you all to take a smell so you know when someone is smoking Mary-jah-uana near you..."
by a new std August 12, 2006
A big bullshit program that takes up valuable schooltime. God gave us marijuana and sex, im damn sure im gonna use these gifts. If you are against sex and marijuana then that means you dont except god's gifts to you so you will just burn in hell.
Fuck Light Joker
Fuck the law
Fuck the police
Fuck D.A.R.E.
Drugs Are Really Exciting
by Reggaetonist November 05, 2004
D rugs
A re
R eally
E xcellent
d.a.r.e. is what I live by.
by Mr. 420 December 17, 2006
Parodies on the acronym include-

Drugs Are Really Expensive
Donut Abuse Resistance Education
Hey pig, how about you DARE to stop eating all those donuts before you burst?
by Invalid H. User April 29, 2003
A dumb program designed by the government to make kids stay away from drugs and gold-diggers.
D.A.R.E = Drugs Are Really Expensive
by Visual September 03, 2003
The name of the most amazing song in the universe by Gorillaz.
it's coming's coming's coming up...IT'S DARE!
by that person from here May 09, 2006
A program that actually attempts to brainwash children into not using illegal drugs, a practise which has been taking place for thousands of years and which no amount of prohibition is goingto change.
It's bad enough locking up non-violent drug users, now they brain-wash our children. Prohibition sure helps everyone.
by John Diaz October 19, 2004

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