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a new yorker who moves south and thinks he is better than everyone else
You're such a d-squad, get an ego check.
by Gopingoper March 30, 2009
'Development Squad for up and coming talent' (girls around 17-18 years old who you know will be hot in a few years)
Shane - 'Damn look at that wetser'

Daire - 'She's definitely in the D-Squad'
by ddollie May 13, 2011
A group of close knit people who met in college and sell weed and alcohol to college students. A non vIolent gang. so far..
D Squad throws the best parties. Those D Squad ass holes are up all night yelling. I need weed, call the D Squad.
by dsquat September 19, 2010
D-Squad is a small group, that originated from another group called HOT BOYZ (very gay yes i know dont blame me), since that group/gang what ever you wish to call it didnt go far 5 members decided to break off and make there own and soon called it D-SQUAD. which later became our rap gang and our crew starting with only 5 original members D-SQUAD slowly grew, starting form ealry 2000 - now D-Squad grew, many members left do to dis-agreement with one another. D-Squad is still a small group of rappers/friends/brothers you can put it. D-SQUAD
D-Squad is not a gang even though some people say it is, well i dont see it as a gang.
A Member is D-Squad likes Monkeys.
Most Members of D-Squad Dont Like G-unit.....Just Banks lol.
Yes, Im Part Of D-Squad.
by D-Squad October 15, 2006
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