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1. A penis when used for oral sex, a treat for a lady friend. The "D" in D-Snack stands for "Dick".

2. A term used to put someone down by saying he or she wants a D-Snack. Also relative to the above 1st definition given.

1. Suzie wants a D-Snack. Bob wants to give Suzie his D-Snack. Tom says to Bob, "I think she want's a D-Snack". Bob replies,"yeah dude, she's cravin' it".
2. Nick says, "Mike's such a douche". Chuch follow's up with, "Yeah, I think he wants a D-Snack".
by Aqueas November 01, 2003
Another word for dip or smokeless tobacco, used around adults or people who do not like you dipping.
Tanner: Hey Nick, have any dsnacks on you?

Nick: Yea, I have wintergreen.
by Ring Lake Ranch July 11, 2011
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