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the dirty d... D-town, Durham, NC
a city known for drugs and gangs
don't walk around downtown d-town by yourself... you'll get shot
by Michelle March 29, 2005
19 141
D-town is short for the city of Desert hot springs in the so-cal desert close to palm springs knows for being ghetto...
bro 1- dude theres a party up in d-town tonight..
bro 2- fuk that bro i hate going to d-town that shits so ghetto
by d--locc April 13, 2006
11 137
DTown stands For Washington D.C
also known as : D.C , Murda Capital , Cap-City , D-City , Wash-town , Dodge City , chocolate city , Doc Town..Come here u'll c. and wtf dtown = denver ? smmh
eyy mawn wuz poppin in da D-town tonight ?!
by Sho Kase May 21, 2006
7 157
alright fuckers d-town isent detroit denver or dallas but d-town is downingtown PA and dont forget it motherfuckers
EAST KIDS:west sucks
WEST KIDS:go back up the hill
EAST KIDS:we bought the scoreboard
WEST KIDS:go back up the hill to go do somemore cokaine
EAST KIDS: shouldnt you fools be leavin to be gettin more spiked fruit punch from d-town wawa
by THE EAST HUSTLER November 27, 2005
17 167
a slang term representing Dinnington, England.
I say, tis a jolly good day to take a stroll through d town.
by dinnington till i die! May 10, 2008
21 213
Slang for Denver Colorado
I headed to d town. The real d town.
by JSchleifer January 30, 2006
228 420
Slang for Dayton, Ohio.
D town is the city where we come from.
by vinson January 16, 2007
10 296