Detroit, Michigan
We're going to kill you
I am from Detroit.
by Eminem May 16, 2003
A slang term for the city of Durham in North Carolina
"I'm back in D-Town for the weekend, give me a call!"
by Jami: November 19, 2005
Durham North Carolina. a southern state in USA. The south. Home of the Blue crabs, Barbaque pulled pork, Duke Basketball and UNC Football. Part of the Triangle (Reliegh, Durham, Charlotte). Also known as Bull City.
I represent tha D-town. Where you can't get none for free now.
by 45K stacks MONEY October 13, 2007
Duluth, GA... straight up outta da A.. not too far from A-Town, we keep it trill and run the streets smokin rock and totin gats that be hangin out the window and u know we be rollin wit some bump in the trunk on some dead clean dubs
"Yo nigga what you reppin?"
"I'm straight outta D-Town and we keep it real"
by a real o.g. January 19, 2006
Deeeeeeeeetroit mothafuckas!!!!! dont make us come kill u!!!
the d-town gangstas will come and kick ur ass if u dont think we from detroit!!!!
by rockinro89 January 03, 2005
nickname for the city of DETROIT, Michigan
Hey, you wanna go to d town and see the tiger's game tomorrow?
by BHSchink October 13, 2005
A'ight lemme clear some smoke up in here...D-Town sure as hell is Detroit straight from Em's mouth from way back. Never heard a rapper reppin the D who ain't mentioned Detroit before or after the song or roll call. Also, Mike Jones and Paul Wall hails from H-town, not Dallas.
D-Town, home of the Tigers, Lions and the Yankees of hockey
by Ryan "Homie G" May 23, 2005

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