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Denver Colorado. 303. The least ghetto of big cities.
Chris:"Damn nigga. We gon mobb around in D-Town tonight?"
Justin:"Hell yeh nigga. Represent the trey O trey."
by Sweat February 21, 2005
146 189
Denver Colorado, homie

Detroit is Motown or the D Detroit needs to exlude it self from this conversation cause they cant be the D, Motown, AND D-town...greedy ass niggas!

Now Dallas we got love for yall but yall niggas called the Metroplex yall got too many fresh off the border ese's that rather be holding Mexico down (not sayin Denver doesn't but its not like ya'll)

there fore with that argument you can clearly see that that leaves D-town in D-town Denver...THE REAL D-TOWN
nigga 1: Where u stay a boo?

shawty 1: D-town

nigga 1: O you from Dollarado?

shawty 1: Nah Im from Detroit

nigga 1: *slap the shit out a ho*


shawty 1: *Picks up her drink and dips*
by Da Hustla303 August 15, 2008
67 111
D-town is Dallas, Tx not Detroit nor Denver. I dont give a fuck what no one say thats Dallas all the way baby Number 1 Crime Rate in America!! WHATS UP!!
Bitch u better calm that shit down im from D-Town HO!

Fuck Denver and Detroit the South does it better!!!
185 229
it's DALLAS TEXAS my niggas ain't no denver or detroit.where real g's are at.All hail the 214
don't get shot while walkin D-town.
by D-moze August 30, 2005
140 188
Hailin out the dirty, dirty state where real niggas and G's stay and play. It's that BIG D aka Dallas, Texas.
fuck detroit and denver thr real D-Town is Dallas Motherfuckin Texas
by Short Order aka. J-Dawg October 07, 2004
210 258
dallas texas, where da hustlas and headbussas are formed
D-town representin dat dallas texas, not no detroit or denver
by Rick D May 15, 2004
173 224
dallas, tx not denver or detroit and we aint no hillbillies either bitch all bout them mexicans
im from that d-town ledbetter
by throwed pimp May 18, 2004
129 186