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SLANG FOR DALLAS TEXAS!!!!!! DETROIT we call u "tha d" as in your a state.. in texas d-town "TOWN" is Dallas! 214 bby its all right cuz i represent the triple D
D town stay down all day dallas texas.
by Vincent Bryan July 14, 2008
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D-Town be that Dallas Texas know what I'm talkin bout. On the southside you got that Sunny Southside, Oak Cliff, Singing Hills, Highland Hills, Redbird, and Village Oaks. On the eastside you got, Pleasent Grove aka Tha Grove aka Greedy Grove, John West, and that dirty Red Cloud (I dare one of you out-of-town niggas roll up in Red Cloud actin hard).In the Nawf you got that Park Lane area, and Lake Highlands. I can't forget about West Dallas about one of the last places in the country besides Oakland and FunkyTown Ft. Worth you'll see somebody's T-lady or ol' man flossin a jerry curl and or gold tooth.

Fuck a Detroit y'all did y'all thing back in the 60's and 70's so y'all keep callin y'all town motor city, home of motown, 8 mile, or whatever the fuck y'all been callin it. I ain't gone knock y'all Denver niggas, but y'all know the deal.

It's goin down in that D-Town !!!!!!!!!!
by Dat_boi_from_OakCliff May 01, 2006
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D-Town hol it down til i die BITCH!!!
by luis_V August 09, 2005
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Dallas,Texas. The urban city alson known as the Metroplex.
I'm from D-Town mutha fucka so watch the fuck out!
by pseudonym February 16, 2005
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Detroit mutha fuckin michigan.

murder city....hardest city out, period.

fuck all you punk ass bums thinkin its dallas or denver or any of that other bullshit. yall mutha fuckas need to go fuck a bull or somethin with ya hick ass!!!

shit we even got a d town 313 detroit nike air force 1 that came out yearsssssss ago. google that shit fuck boy!

kill yaself you fuckin bums!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yo man them D-Town town niggas aint nothin to fuck around with youll get bodied up real quick we cath ya ass slippin!

D-Town boys dont play theyre quick to body up a dallas bum

by FUCK DALLAS March 26, 2008
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It always hasbeen and it always will be downtown Denver Co
I was chillen in Dtown
by BigFoot October 29, 2004
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Hey, you wanna go to d town and see the tiger's game tomorrow?
by BHSchink October 13, 2005
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