D-town. The blissful state of Divorce. When one has managed to get the monkey off of his back, he has entered D-Town.

Also, accompanied by a piece of paper for certification, i.e. Divorce Decree.
"Man, am I glad I went to D-Town." "That bitch was HELL!"
by T&E August 16, 2005
fuckin dallas baby, mike jones and paul wall also see H-Town
G-Town killaz
by Matt June 13, 2004
Dallas, Texas
-Not Detroit-
-Not Denver-
That's were we represent Big D and youn know it remember don't mess with Texas the bigeer state than colorado and michigan. D-Town been labeled here first in Dallas. Forget detroit rock city and denver
by C-Thuggie September 09, 2005
Dtown - Drug town
Dryden, Ontario
im from dtown, represent
by MadiiC November 11, 2007
Aight, D-Town is Dallas, and there aren't many more crackers left here anyway. South Dallas is all black, west dallas is hispanic, north dallas is white, and east dallas is nuthin'. Yall bitches better learn, Detroit is motor city, and denver, CO dont have a name... aint nuthin there.
Shit, i'm representing D-Town mufucka not Motor City or Denver whatdafuck Colorado.
by D-Town's Greatest January 31, 2005
Duluth, Minnesota.

Becausee we're really umm gangsterrrr up in here. (:
Let's go to D-Town, becausee it doesn't just have to be Detroit and Dallas.
by Nicolee lksajweruim April 04, 2008
D-town is Detroit. Don't ever get it twisted. Fuck anybody who say otherwise, especially dem punkass Dallas hoes. Denver do ya thang but fuck Dallas.
D town is where its at.
by Turahn Gilliam July 25, 2005
A slang term for the city of Durham in North Carolina
"I'm back in D-Town for the weekend, give me a call!"
by Jami: November 19, 2005

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