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1. To be informed of something important at the last minute by someone who knew all day about it.

2. To be given an poor expanation of what you are to do. Usually consists of broken sentences and half-spoken thoughts.
1. Guys we need these financials like two days ago. Yes I knew since last week. Sorry for the Dürd.

2. "Here's what you got to do: Just copy this, update the module to match the client copy and forward final....back client copy...mutter *walks away*"

"Damnit I just got drive-by Dürd"
by JonProject August 22, 2008
A durd is another word for the term " cigarette " This nationally became announced by Tyler Durden to respect his day and healthy habits. Originated in Wapello County.
Hey man, did you bring the durds?

I really need a durd.
by kyleleebox January 03, 2010
Dumb Acting Person + Turd = Durd

A stupid jerk can be refered to as a Durd.
That guy is a big Durd.
by Double Flush May 20, 2016
1. A pejorative term for a male that would otherwise be a douche/ turd but for the fact they occasionally do something cool.

2. An egregious number two from a male.
1. Michael always hits on my girlfriend when I am not around, but then again he just gave me notes for a full semester of criminal law. He is a cool durd.

2. Manny just left a heinous durd in our bowl. Not cool.
by Vitruvious February 09, 2012
To do something fucking sweet, an awesome achievement.
I just got durd on those dudes in halo(after a double kill or better). I just got durd as a turd with two chicks at the same time.
by durdman April 20, 2011
A nerd friend, combination of dude and nerd.
Hey, durd, lose them glasses and we might go check out the ladies down by the mall.
by +durd+ August 24, 2013
retarded, slow, stupid
"i found twelve eggs in the carton this morning! oh wait..durd."
by brahmin noodle November 29, 2009
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