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The sweetest guy there is. He won't judge you or express his thoughts on how idiotic you are, he accepts you for you. An intelligent person, though he rarely shows it, a quiet person, though he can be very strange and weird at the same time. He will do anything to make someone smile when they're upset and often has people flocking around him, even if he denies it, people love him. Because he is a mature, and just an all around good person, he will not "break the bro code" or do something to another guy's girl. Honestly the best of the best even if he doesn't know it.
Chick: hi.
D'vante: <_<
Chick: >_>
D'vante: <_<

Chick: you're so weird but I <3 you.
by SantaNickPickle January 11, 2013
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