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A D'mitri is a boy next door type that you can fall in love with and can break your heart. Be careful, he is hard to unravel and very stubborn. Underneath his big walls, there is love.
Man: Hey, is that D'mitri over there?
Woman: Yes, I believe so.
Man: I better go say hi.
Woman: I rather not. He and I are just neighbors. I wish we could be more.
by Mary Jane 111 March 16, 2010

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1. a hallucinogenic drug (also known as Dimethyltryptamine), found in a wide variety of plants, cats, and the pineal gland and spine of humans.
2. a portal.
1. Did you bring Dmitri?
2. I need to go to Dmitri.
by Louis Wain II March 09, 2009
A Canadian university student who has immigrated from Belarus (aka. Russia). Typically found drunk singing the Russian national anthem at local bars/pubs/family restaurants.
That guy is drunk on four beers - he's so obviously dmitri...
by Testicleez July 26, 2006
Sexy blonde Russian male that seems fine and dandy until you realize that he occasionally cross dresses. Usually a giant man whore that admits he's gay and taken. When you try to screw him, his giant ass Russian boyfriend kicks your ass.
Boy 1: Did you see Dmitri last night?

Boy 2: Oh yeah, that gay ass Russian guy I thought was a girl?

Boy 1: No way, man.
by VeckAero February 26, 2012
No definition found. See dninamitri.
Dmitri no longer exists.
by Steve April 26, 2005