D'Eagled(V): Means to be shot with a D'Eagle, or Desert Eagle, the extremely powerful handgun. Often used in games such as Counter Strike, in which people praise guns they've never even come physically close to.
"D'Eagled from ya six, bitch!"
by Marko November 11, 2004
Top Definition
The act of being killed by or killing someone with the Desert Eagle pistol.

Usually screamed whenever someone kills someone else. Commonly used in Counter-Strike.
Guy: You just got DEAGLED.
by Nol888 December 12, 2009
D-Eagled... Refering to the gun the Desert Eagle.. very powerful handgun.. often results in many kills for n00bs in the game of counter-strike.
Dude i had a colt and this whack bitch n00b d-eagled me from behind.. shit dog that guy must be a haxor.
by Scott Secord February 02, 2003
The act of being pwned by a Desert Eagle in Call of duty 4: Modern Warfare
Wow, that nublet just Deagled me in last stand.
by Col. Bat Guano February 16, 2008
It means to be shot with a Desert Eagle. most people say it to look "e-cool" in games such as counter-strike, after they get a kill with this powerful gun.
"hahaha noob, you got d'eagled" or " wow i just got d'eagled by a random spamming noob who plays source all the time and cant hit sh*t."
by robert dziedzic July 05, 2005
"D'Eagled" or desert eagled- the shooting of a person or thing using a desert eagle pistol.

Desert eagle- large semi-automatic magnum handgun, usually chambered in 357 magnum,44 magnum, or 50A.E.
damnit, Rob just got D'Eagled!
by raptor_magnum50ae April 11, 2006
rolled up deubie...helps you get toked
you man, bust out that deagle, and we'll bud!
by MrIoKsEs February 20, 2003
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