Cynthia is a beautiful smart girl who talks way too much. Alot of girls usually hate Cynthia because they are jealous of her. Everyone wishes they could be Cynthia, And those who don't are just rude. Cynthia is the girl people come to for relationship advicde even though she cannot keep a boyfriend. Cynthia is often told she looks like a bitch/slut. Cynthia is usually tan skinned, Gorgeous smile, Long brown hair, Brown/Green eyes and big boobs.
Brianna: OMG. Did you see that new girl?
Taylor: Yeah! She's so hot!
Marie: Looks like a total Cynthia
Brianna & Taylor: Totally!
by CriggaYo December 05, 2010
Cynthia is a true symbol of beauty. To see her smile can change your day from horrible to amazing. To hear her speak will make your heart melt. To be with her is an indescribable feeling that I can't put into words. ^_^ She is kind, funny, beautiful, and smart. You could stare into her eyes forever, and once with her you won't want to be with anyone else. Ever since I met her, I have not stopped smiling. :) She will get into your head x)
Adrian: Dude, I just lost my job today!
Alex: Damn bro that sucks, sorry.
Adrian: It's all good though, I'm gonna hang out with Cynthia today!!!
by AdRiAn February 12, 2013
The most wonderful girl in the world.
My girlfriend Cynthia is sooo hot!
She always knows what to say to get on my nerves, but it's impossible to be mad at her.
I love you Cynthia!
(Brien) Wow, that girl's hot.

(Devin) Yeah, she's my girlfriend.

(Brien) Lucky!

(Devin) Yeah, she's a real Cynthia
by ILoveCynthia February 16, 2013
Origin Goddess of the Moon. A sexy ass girl with soulful green eyes and lips, like no other. She oozes sensuality without even trying. Her best quality is her ability to make a Man feel like a Man. Her feminine and sexy ways are only rivaled by her intelligence and kind soul. She has curves for days, but she is more than that, she has a way about her, that is rare and unique. Long brown hair or blondish brown. From the moment I looked into those eyes, and watched her talk, with those sexy lips, I fell in love. She looks sad sometimes, and is quiet, but she is so worth putting the time and effort into. She runs around all of L.A. flirting and being cute. I smile every time I think of her.
frank: hey who is that fine ass chic that was in your store?
me: that was a Cynthia
frank: lips, ass, daaammm
me: yup
by motosport73 July 05, 2013
The Sexy Awesome Gangsta Mexican Nigga!!!

My Sister From Another Mister

Dont Fuck With her shes my best friend Shell kick Ur ass

The Chick That lives Up the street

My bestest Friend In Da Whole Wide freekin world

Likes Birthday sex ;) (not with you T so hop off)
Kayla:"Heyy, Its Cynthia Shes A Fuckin Gangster Lets Go chill On The porch"
Marie:"K Kool"
Kayla:"Oh Shit Its T the Rapist That Loves Sexy Mexican 8th Grade Girls!"

Kayla:(Pulls Out Gun)

Marie:"We Should Probably Get Someone To Clean This Up"
Kayla:"Naw Lets make Some Kool-Aid First:)"
by HustlaMutherFucker September 02, 2010
When a person lets horses consume every thought they have. They love horses more than humans. Any time they see a horse, they just stop and stare.
1. Going to horse shows every weekend
2. Having horse stickers on everything (ex. Horse on the back of your car)
3. Giving up any type of social life to further your horse showing skills(ex. Leaving the beach for a horse show)
4. making horse sounds in public

Ex. "she is going to another horse show?!?! She is a cynthia for sure"
by dougieallday September 02, 2010
a yellow burmese person who likes banawwwnas
by banaaawnas March 08, 2010

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