A place in New York where nerds like to gather around each other and play video games. There are absolutely no girls in the facility because all the guys that go there are usually fat slobs or black
Guy 1: Hey man, lets go up to Cyberjocks.
Guy 2: Hell no man, that place is a sausage fest
Guy 1: No wayz man. Alot of girls go there
Guy 2: Prove it.
Guy 1: *cry*
Guy 2: Noob
by YarImaPirate August 30, 2008
Top Definition
A LAN center in New York. The best of the best. With many events and prizes.

Go to their website "www.cyberjocks.com"
Are you a cyberjock?
by andrew braczynski January 29, 2005
A competitive tournament gamer. Also on oxymoron.
by Anonymous August 20, 2003
A shitty LAN center that serves low quality food, shitty energy drinks, shitty computers, quite poor customer service. A place where seniority means nothing, if you spent $1500 there, and you go in high, or don't like the owner Scott Turner (who is a stereotypical nigger)your going to get nagged like a coon asking for reperation from the white man. Don't go to the facility, its a waste of time and money, and if they keep at the rate they are going, they will go under soon anyways.
Kid 1:Eh, I'm pretty fuckin high right now, wanna go to Cyberjocks?

Kid 2: Ummm isn't that nig turner back in town?
by Scott Turner January 03, 2008
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