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1. A man or woman who has cyber sex with multiple partners in one day.

2.someone who will cyber anything with 2 hands
Man she had cyber sex with 5 men in one day, she is such a cyber hoe.
by kritter October 01, 2004
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a person who talks all their trash on social networks (twitter, facebook, myspace, formspring, etc) but doesn't say it to the person's face.
Jena - How bout' last nite i get on my facebook and see Trish got me all over her page talking bout "Jena a hoe. She slept with the whole football team. She's fake and smells like fish." So when I confronted her this morning in class she just walked away."

Cassie - That's a cyberhoe for ya'.
by KalaBree May 15, 2010

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