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When the girl behind the counter at cvs tells you that you have change when you really dont. The only reason she says this is to get you in bed.
That crazy slut tried thoes cvs mind games again.
by Caboose (o'mally) June 06, 2004
When someone working at cvs tells you that you have change even when you know u don't so that u'll go over to them and they can rape u
That bitch was trying to play cvs mind games
by The Big L April 15, 2004
When you just bought some candy and are leaving and that skank behind the desk say's "You forgot your change sir" and when you get over there she grabs you and rapes you in your No-No Zone.
OMG! That skank and her CVS mind games.
by Jjht June 17, 2004
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