Somewhere far away in a remote place or unsafe place (ie: ghetto)
Damn, his house is in the Cutty Bang

We gotta drive to the cutty bang to get to the liquor store.
by Shaun November 18, 2003
Top Definition
It's a mix drink from the hood. Made popular by Bay Areas Rappers, Taydatay and Big MAC. The drink is made up of Seagrams Gin, Bacardi Limon, Tanquaray and juice.
Make me a Cutty Bang because I want to get drunk tonight.
by four1five July 10, 2008
Any spot in the hood (anywhere really) thats far away, not easy to find & or can lead to getting u lost.
Yo B can u go pick up my homie Shawn from Bay Point? Man hell naw that motha fucka lives in the cutty bang.
by Brianb2981 June 06, 2007
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