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An adjective towards someone usually used as a dis. In stead of usuing the word retarded because unlike cutarded , retarded may offend one and is usually miss used. And by chance that you really are cutarded, be proud of it, show the world simply by getting a "friend" to write the letter C without your permission on your forehead.
For example it can be used in such situations:
"your a loser!"
"yeah well your catarded!"
"UH! this is so cutarded!"
"Uh! i ran into the wall skipping because someone stopped the skipping rope at fire in the skipping game "somebody nobody...you know your cutarded when..."
by maddie and coral February 22, 2006
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Describes how the person looks cute but retarded at the same time.
That picture you sent me makes you look cutarded.
by 5gum4u August 14, 2012
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