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when you can tell someone has black in them. bi-racial people have cut in them. to be part black.
That girl thinks she's white, but you can tell she has cut up in her
by DadaC October 03, 2013
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Australian slang for angry/mad.
Person 1: Shit I'm dead, my parents are really cut at me.

Person 2: That sucks bro.
by CrazyBob679 December 11, 2012
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To Leave
You Cut Yesterday Night
by g-boy11 June 05, 2011
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Origin: This word was created by a group of boys studying in Love Dale Central School belgaum. It was actually first used as a replacement for "lame" 'cause "lame" sounded very geeky. So we made this word. Now this word is being used by almost all schools in belgaum.

Meaning: Stupid, Unoriginal , life-less, boring, not funny.

Usage: It can be used to describe all the booring and un-funny jokes cracked by your friends, also to describe booring movies, books, shows, persons etc. It especially sounds very funny when used in "Hindi slanguage".

it can also be used to describe "urban dictionary: word of the day"
1] jake: U know what the kangaroo said when its baby went missing??? SOMEONE PICKED MY POCKET!!!! :P :P :D :D

all the people listening: CUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2] tom : That movie was total CUT!!!!! i wasted my money and time to watch that cut movie.....

3] james: u know what?? that fellow is so cut!!! he thinks he is some kinda comedian and all the joke... supposed-to-be jokes ... were so boring!! total cut being he is!!!

4] used in hindi slanguage: kya toh wat cut joke maarya dekh !!!!!!!!

5] today's UD: word of the day was full CUT!!!
by Sherm-effect May 27, 2011
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a) Half of a cigarette

b) An incision in the skin

c) to slice something with an object
a) "Yo tryna cut me that bouge"

b) "Ow, I cut myself shaving"

c) I'm gonna cut off your head with scissors, slowly and painfully
by ThatRussianGuy1001 January 28, 2011
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To be hurt/upset.
Boy: Man I had a great night with my girlfriend tonight.
Friend: have a girlfriend?
Boy: ...fuck you man :\
Friend: LOL you're cut dude..cut deep!
by Anonymous User 101 November 20, 2010
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the act of getting/being blackout drunk
were getting CUT tonight boys and girls !!
by erinjail August 17, 2010
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