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Cut Cap & Balance is a pledge any sound thinking American can take which promotes cutting already enacted excessively crazy federal spending, permanently capping federal spending at a reasonable sustainable level, and amending the US constitution to require a balanced federal budget.

The pledge is commonly thusly repeated (hand over heart optional):

I pledge to require legislators to oppose any debt limit

increase unless all three of the following conditions have

been met:

Cut - Substantial cuts in spending that will reduce the

deficit next year and each and every thereafter.

Cap - Enforceable spending caps that will put federal

on a path to a balanced budget.

Balance - Congressional passage of a Balanced

Budget Amendment
to the U.S. Constitution which

includes both a spending limitation and a super-

majority for raising taxes, in addition to balancing

revenues and expenses.
Tina: Yo Tom, you wild and crazy Tea Partier, you keep complaining about nutty spending liberals but I don't get what you are offering instead.

Tom: My dearest Tina, I'm not just a Tea Partier, I'm a member of The Party of FUCK NO!. Us TPoFN!’ers right now are asking every clear thinking American to take the Cut Cap & Balance pledge.

Tina: Fucking a !

Tom: Rolling over off the wet spot – I just did.
by Ur Daddie July 20, 2011
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