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As well as the already mentioned, Custard Trout is now renown as Fable 3's first pimp.
Have you joined Custard Trout's pimp service?
by Online stalker October 31, 2010
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Custard Trout An angry internet troll who takes great pleasure in dark humour.It is also known to hate it when something is misspelt. Generally, he,she or it is considered as asset in a team, if in a game. Particularly on Call of Duty 4 It is said, that this creature once killed 578 enemies in a Clan match, this however is unproven and no records have been found. This creature seems to be online at many places at the same time.Many terms have come out of this, usually if doing well on a game or using very dark humour. Or sometimes if a fourm user is to either Troll on many fourmsExample: "Trouting it" "Custarding it"(Please note it is unknown if "Custard Trout" is male or female, it is also unknown if he,she or it is real or a legend.)
It is also said that this creature only eats custard and lives in the water, hence the name "Custard Trout"
Troll Fourm Troll Xbox live Custard Trout Drunk Duck Fourm
by Burning Bird August 09, 2009
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Custard Trout is a creature of myth on the internet.
He, She or it, is known to be a troll, but with too large of a range of wesites to be known as real or not.
It is belived he struck xbox live in the year 2008, and Playstation network in 2009.

The myth tells us that he she or it lives in atlantis, and eats nothing but children and custard.
by Robot-Bacon March 03, 2009
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