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'Curry Face' is the term given to the act of forcefully pushing someone's face into a plate of curry before they have time to react. Traditionally this is done moments after the curry has been served preserving as much heat as possible.

The person executing this manoevure must quickly push the persons face down from behind their head while shouting "Curry Face".
Occasionally this is followed by a pigeon slap and the throwing of beer over the victims face.
"Mate, Mike asked me to buy his bass the other day so I Curry Faced him. It was jokes"
by Toothless Jester December 04, 2008
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A derogatory term for Indian (Asian) people.
Hey, let's go to 7-11 to buy beer. The curryface in there never cards us.
by startletooter January 02, 2011
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