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That God awful smell you experience whenever an Indian person stands, sits, or passes by you.
Dude, I was taking a bus home after class and I got fucking Curry Bombed when half of India got on board.
by oHAVOCo September 15, 2014
a common nickname for an America born Indian male; also a new and soon to be famous word existorizer.
Dude did you see currybomb today?
Nah bro, I think his parents made him study.
by currybomb July 27, 2010
a poop so stinky that it infiltrates the dry wall. Similar to how the smell of curry lingers in the kitchens of Indian families.
I'm not sure what you ate last night, but we'll probably have to move after you dropped that Curry Bomb upstairs.
by Mike Honcho FS May 08, 2010
The intense action of eating 10 plates of curry flavoured chicken while sitting on a womans face and shitting hot curry in her mouth
open wide barb, your getting a curry bomb
by RD5010 May 17, 2006
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