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Begin by enjoying a bountiful Indian green curry feast with your partner. After consuming a full bottle of ex-lax apiece, rush to make an urgent cocaine purchase from the one-legged Kenyan around the corner. After kicking his dog and letting his hoe off her leash, you grab the hoe and rush to the nearest Super 8. Once at the room, both your assholes should begin to faucet runny diarrhea into the hoe’s dirty mouth. Mixing the cocaine into this potent mixture, the hoe belches the mixture into your partner’s ass. Bring out the male midget stripper bathing in lucky charms in the bathtub to pile drive your partner until the mixture begins to run down her chest. Once the line has reached epic proportions, snort the line resulting in a life-changing experience.
Stine: “Hey Taylor, how was your first date with that sexy Serbian stallion?”
Taylor: “OH Stine, you wouldn’t believe the romantic evening I had. After enjoying a green curry feast, he performed a Curry Sundae on a Hot Mumbai Morning on me.”
Stine: “Taylor, you’re so lucky to have found such a hot fucking babe.”
by Ginger Tits October 17, 2013

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