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the act of twirling the long curly pubes of a woman's bush (pelvic region or gutch) on one's finger while eating the box
Dude, my girl just takes so long to cum sometimes when I'm eating the box that I end up giving her a Curly Susan just to pass the time.
by NatiVerdoRican December 20, 2013
A fairly new sex trick made popular by T.I. and his nigs from
the ATL, when you slit the hoes back during sex prior to ejaculation and then pull out and bust a nut in her kidney. Usually causing excruciating pain during the next urinary cycle. It has been described as the equiviant of sticky-icky kidney stones.
My bitch was on the toilet three straight hours today. That ho must have gone out with P-Migs and Weezy baby and gotten a Curly Susan in both ah her black Kidneys.
by Johnny Lizottey July 20, 2006
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