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To consume alcoholic beverages outdoors in a public place, such as a street corner or parking lot.
That bar is too expensive, let's curb dog it in the parking lot before the show.
by Klaus Vanderson November 02, 2009
A Curbdog is a slang term, originating in the southern region of the US, meaning someone without employment or ambition. It may also mean someone who is lazy or homeless.
"look at that Curbdog, he don't do nothin' all day"
by lilbadfish July 03, 2009
1> An insult used on people who arent wanted

2> someone who spends their time hanging out on the streets
"Get away you fucking curb dog"

"man those guys are always here, fucking curb dogs"
by mikesixsixsic October 26, 2008
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