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The act of being a total wuss who can't take their booze.
You can spot a 'Cupper' at any party as they are the ones lifting the booze to their lips but failing to actually sup it!!!!
Barbara - "see Brian over there???...... you want to know why he's still standing?????"

Jesus - "Why...... I'm mashed, I've been sick in my hair and can barely see straight and we arrived at the same time?"

Barbara - "Cupping it..... not supping it!"

Jesus - "What do you mean Barbara?"

Barbara - "Watch him.... he's cupping his booze.... but when he raises it to his lips, the fooker fails to sup it.

Jesus - "Bugger me, he's a Cupper not a Supper!!!"
by Elly Fontana September 28, 2010
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