This word originates from coastal San Diego. It implies one being apiggy. Someone muggling, or lopingsnatch rather than guzzling beer.
"Rainbow" Whalen and "Town Drunk" Ausiello are 2 cuntmugs.
by Colton Cruse April 04, 2005
Top Definition
Derogatory term used as one of the strongest possible insults to a fellow human being.

Originally coined by Cardiff City supporters who simply took the playful, lively term "mug", and combined it with the hydrogen bomb of insults "cunt".

The result, is like a cute friendly cat holding a shotgun to a dogs face.
"Watch this, im going to flog this broken motor to that posh tart and her cunt-mug father"

"You sir, are the worlds biggest cunt-mug"

"Oiiii! Stop clowning around you fucking cunt-mug"

"oi ya facckking mug, we turned up a hundred handed mate and bumped into some millwall giving it large down the ol kent road mate and facking mugged them off and mullered the geezers all over the shop mate, the mugg bunch of pikey cunt-mugs''
by cryptojew December 10, 2009
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