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The female version of "cock block".
A woman tries to get sex from a guy but a friend does something to prevent it happening. Instead of cock block for a guy, it's cunt cork for a woman
by ...11... July 14, 2011
A friggin tampon
also see pussy plug
I needed some more cunt corks,so I went to Walgreens.
by shannon January 20, 2004
Stuffing used to subdue female outpourings.
I've got to get some cuntcorks.
by Eamon April 17, 2003
A word often used in chemist's when a lady is too embarrased to ask for 'ladie's things'.
i don't suppose you could provide me with a CUNT CORK, i seen to be gushing terribly.
by Love Guru February 13, 2004