a womens fart that when expelled with bum clenched comes in the form of a bubble that travels upward and enters the gash where it then requires squeezing of certain muscles to aid escape. tikka masala and fish!
martin i just did a cunt bubble
by fuddumpton May 03, 2007
An insult used on someone that is being a complete dousche.
May be followed by a verb to add a sickening effect.
An adjective used by scene kids.
die, cunt bubble.
Cunt bubble jiggles.
omgz!!!!!!!!!!lol!!!!!!!! im such a kewl cunt bubble. hxc lyk whoaZurZ.
by Spazzy April 12, 2006
Lars Ulrich. Lars Ulrich
Goddamn...mother-fucker. lars ulrich is cunt bubbling dicksucker
by Steve March 04, 2005
when a dirty vagina quiffs and it bubbles up
she is such a cunt bubble!
by smd0435 January 07, 2015

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