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A mythical box filled with pussy. Invented by Jesus, this box was lost to the vaults of time. Thought to be the object in the next Indiana Jones movie. Also known as a Minge Crate.
Hey Indy, there's that Cunt Box you were looking for!
by Ginty McWaffle February 05, 2009
This is a box of cunt.
Shake your cunt-box Fitz. Shake it like a polaroid cunt-box.
by Stevo Fitzimon January 22, 2009
A person who is a pussy to such a great magnitude, that the fundamental laws of physics cause the doucheness to implode into itself forming a cubic structure. This structure is known as a Cunt Box. Essentially anyone who is a huge fucking pussy can be considered one.
person #1: "oh my god steve was drinking MIKE'S HARD last night"

person#2: "HAHA what a Cunt Box!!!!"
by Spite Heathen April 14, 2010
Unsure - assumed to refer to the chest in which ladies' genitalia are kept. A common phrase given for negative reps on www.oxfordgossip.co.uk
You, fellow student of the University of Oxford, are a cuntbox.
by Piers Gaveston June 21, 2006
a cunt and a tool box all rolled into one
matt is such a cuntbox, stays home all day playing video games , and is scared of cunt.
by habner January 07, 2008