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The drinks you have to buy a chick before you get any
fucking hell i had to pay an 8 vodka and coke cunt tax lastnight before i got any
by Cymru am byth August 15, 2008
A reasonable sum of money added to the price of an item you are selling, straight after being asked to drop the price by a cunt.
Customer - My friend is coming to get that coat tomorrow, can I get those reins for 3 pound instead of 4 pounds as my friend will be coming to get them.

You - I actually took a good look at those reins and they are in really good condition I think I am going to sell them for 8 pounds if yo
ur interested.

Cunt Taxed
by Bigdaveuk May 14, 2016
Added on to the original sale price of a product (unknown to the customer) because he/she is a Cunt
To workmate:
I charged that piece of shit Tim $15.00 Cunt Tax 'cos he shat his pants in the shop
by Sess in the snow January 03, 2007
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