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1. a Male u participates in the act of sexual intercourse often.

2 a male who exhibits prowess during sexual intercourse

3. a particularly fearsome form of sex toy
godamn that was some nice cuntblasting i did back there!

jeeze that guy blasts so much cunt!

wish i could blast cunt like that guy!
by Metys December 08, 2003
1: Someone who kicks girls in the crotch.

2: A man with a large enough piece to destroy the women's Netherlands.
3: A shotgunblast to the Vajayjay. As portrayed on Efukt.
Johnny Crack: Man, the cuntblaster is in the house, johnny Crack here locked and loaded.
Thugga Trigga: Bro you can't even see your dick when you look down.
by casdebom January 27, 2011
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