A beautifully crafted yet rather stylish rug decorated with the finest cloth and stitching. Ideal for the modern, hetrosexual man.

Usually found, sold in some off beat store, in a dirty, dingy and very dated shoppping mall...... (Bargate Shopping Mall).
Person A: "Oh, hey, nice rug!"

Person B: "Yeah, got it down at the Bargate Shopping Mall today actually"

Person A: "Nice!"

Person: "Yeah... It's my Cunt Rug! It'll see plenty of 'Shire Gammon..."
by thuggedout January 24, 2011
1. A vagina with a bush.
2. A middle eastern woman.
Craig Burton Sheaffer just fucked some girl with a massive cunt rug. LOL :D
by SLCcunt_smuggler January 19, 2010

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