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1) A crature of unmatched wit and ferocity; legends are born of those that have survived unarmed combat with them. Debuted in Ambrosia's most popular PC game, EV Nova.

2) The fursona of a former EV Nova plugin developer; also goes by Mobius, Ctarl-Ctarl, and Vigilante Samurai amongst others, but is the one and only Cunjo
A common misconception is that a Cunjo would just as soon bite your head off and eat you as look at you; in reality, the Cunjo would probably only disembowel you and shred you to ribbons -- to a Cunjo, humans aren't nearly as good tasting as they are fun to kill.

Koonjo - Cunjo's arch-nemesis says: Muahahahahaa!

Cunjo says: Get a life; I hear they're on sale at wal-mart this time of year.
by Cunjo November 21, 2004
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Cunjo is a mountain in Angola in the State Provincia de Benguela.
Latitude -12.15 Longitude 14.36666
by ArjeN June 04, 2005
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