Another name for a penis. Rhymes with nun-chuck but is filled with cum. therefore it is a cum chuck
1. I knocked that bitch out with my Cum Chuck.
2. Tommy Ho knocked me out with his Cum Chuck
by Tom Ho December 26, 2003
Top Definition
The act of involuntarily and immediately regurgitating cum all over a man’s penis during or directly after orgasm while attempting to swallow. This can happen from either a failed swallow or by the man’s penis being too deep (or being forced too deep) into the mouth of the person giving the blowjob.
Kate: I thought I had it, but when he started to cum he pushed in deeper and I couldn't hold it all and totally cumchucked back on his cock and bed.
Robin: Oh my God, was he pissed?
Kate: A little, but he was still in postcoital bliss, so he was cool with it.
by Kate Charlton February 15, 2008
The after sex move where the male removes condom, (if worn) ties the open end in a knot, then beats the female with it like a numchuck until it breaks.
If Dawn tries to stay the night and cuddle I will just break out the cumchuck
by SpikehorN February 03, 2011
(v) the act of vomiting semen. generally cause by overconsumption of man sauce.
Dude, did you see that cum drunk slam pig? She totally cum chucked all over herself!
by SacredAsylum July 27, 2007
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