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Health sciences; USYD

Also known as heaven on earth.

The spiritual home of the rangers; Horn, COFA, cuddles, Cogs and many others who cannot be named.

The dwellers of this campus will often be found kicking a footy, pumping weights, drinking excessive amounts of milk, dressed in very tight and very bright kit, crawling through pubs in eye catching lab coats, on boats cruising sydney's waters, and repeating subjects for as many as the fourth year in a row.

Many enter Cumbo, but few ever leave, as cumbo is with them forever.

Despite it's somewhat lacklustre surroundings (i.e. the dead people and poo of facilities), Cumbo is not an opportunity to be missed in ones post-high school years, and is certainly a far better choice than Macq Uni.
Cumbo, we're from Cumbo,
we're the Health science faculty,
from the, town of Lidcombe,
we're the F***ing university
by Benjo2468 February 13, 2008
39 15
When a man will ejaculate into any conglomerate dish (i.e. pepper steak, chop suey, jambalaya, or gumbo) in order to enhance the flavor of the meal. The mixed product has then become "cumbo." Not everybody's cup of tea, but is a good indicator of how much your girlfriend/wife likes the taste of your particular semen.
"I figured that since we have broken out the strawberries, hot fudge, and whipped cream for the dessert portion of our sexual escapade, dinner would be the perfect occasion for me to splooge in your food and create some gourmet cumbo. That's Grade-A Quality shit we're dealing with here, so be sure to clean off your plate."
by Nicky J April 17, 2004
26 19
the campus of ol sydney uni health science students!

a specific breed of beaver

a synonym for unappealing out-of-the-way places. so far away and so ugly that most of the human race has infact forgotten about these places. -often refered to as 'scumbo'

also an offencive/degrding adjective used to describe rangers (parking officers) who ride bikes and wear crash helmets

i want to be a cumbo ranger- old mate
by jen (dt) October 11, 2006
4 29