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A sexual act when you ejaculate into a person's mouth, and they sneeze and your semen comes out of their nose.
So my girlfriend swallowed my leavings, and then she cum snotted all over me!
by Lovez2Spooge February 03, 2011
A cumshot when a guy blows his load on a girls face and getting some jizz in her nose. The cum drips out looking like she has a runny nose made of cum.
I blew it on her face and I couldn't help but laugh at the cumsnot she had hanging from her nose
by Dierks Olgensen May 03, 2010
Root words:
(n.)Vulgar Slang
1. Semen ejaculated during orgasm.
(n.)Vulgar Slang
1. Nasal mucus; phlegm.

An individual worthy of little to no consideration. Also, a literal combination of the two root words.
Jesus, I hate Tyler. He always acts like such a little cumsnot.
by Adarael January 02, 2005
Nasty term used to describe a girl when she is blowing her nose and blowing off a guy at the same time. Laura Beth Campion often does this
Laura Beth Campion cumsnotted all over Harrison's D.
by JEW CLAW January 18, 2005