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Occurs when a girl is giving a guy hand or head. As the guy is cumming, the girl takes out a bowl and fills it with the cum. She then sprinkles sugar, takes out a propane torch and "brulées" the cum. And voila! You have cum brulée!
In the hopes of receiving another cum brulée, Freddy called Cindy 32 times.
by Louiza Suckonic March 07, 2008

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The sexual act preformed after ejaculation where the recipient sprinkles cane sugar on the cum and proceeds to caramelize the top with a kitchen torch.
-Optionally garnished with berries...the concoction is consumed.
-To make "Diet", simply use a sugar substitute
Sarah typically ends her day, with a fresh, creamy cum brulee.
by DSCUMBRULEE November 21, 2009