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A rule put into affect at high school/ middle school sleep-overs. Originating in Southwest Michigan, it was enforced to discourage one child from disturbing or messing with another while they slept. If one messed with another, the victim and all others present would masturbate on a piece of toast and the perpetrator would be forced to eat it. Thus putting an end to practical jokes while you slept.
Child 1: "I'm going to bed and don't anyone think of messing with me! The 'cum toast' rule is in affect"
Child 2: "You heard him... Mess with the man and you're eating cum toast"!
#cum #cum toast #cum toast rule #spit on a biscuit #circle jerk
by Towner21 October 12, 2011
When you get a piece of toast, cup it around your cock and use it to masturbate. You then scrape cum onto the toast and eat it.
This morning I was peckish so I decided to have some cum toast
#cum #toast #is #great #in #the #morning
by Gohn Gardenza January 26, 2008
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