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Genus: Panthera Species: Jizeam

Of the large cat family, typically 115 lbs to 139 lbs bipedial and mostly hairless. Hunts alone or in packs but rarely shares its kill. It is unique in that once it has singled out its prey, it feeds mostly by using its prey to buy it drinks and take it "out on the town." It accomplishes this by performing extraordinary acts upon its prey such as oral genital interaction and submitting to some of the most spectacularly pleasurable desires the prey can come up with, see pile driver anal titty fuck water sports.

Its name in derived from its appearance following the performance of a particularly spendid prey satisfying act, which results in the prey showing his singular appreciation of the act by squirting the animal from head to toe with his man relish. see money shot. These spots, especially when dried, become irridescent and act as badges of honor signifying the prowess of the Cum Leopard.

Cum Leopards can rarely be truly domesticated but good results have been achieved controlling their behavior with the shocker.
She spent 30 minutes between my legs, then let me knock her every way I could imagine. When I bust my nut, I covered her from brows to bush. That bitch looked like a Cum Leopard.
by Devon Null July 15, 2006
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