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Relating to being on safari.

- The purposeful immersion by one racial, cultural, and/or socio-economic group into the surroundings, cultural trappings and even geography of another group, which ultimately feeds into the Safariist's own deeply rooted feelings of both jealousy and/or superiority.

- Treating the culture, religion, food, music, language, sexual orientation and overall identity of more "exotic" groupings as an interesting diversion, entertainment or fad, primarily there for a Safariist to enjoy as pop entertainment.

- Viewing the differentness of others as condescendingly "precious," "cute" or "neat."

- An intense fascination by the real or wholly perceived exoticm of others.

- Akin to Caucasian safari goers in Africa, ensconced safely behind their pith helmets, armed guards, and lion-proof glass, viewing the rare and exotic wild animals of the Serengeti - just going about their normal, mundane existence in their natural habitat - with giddy fascination, wonder, and an odd combination of envy and pity.
Mr. and Mrs. Whitebread, ever the bored, suburban couple, were on full-blown cultural safari while attending the Hindu wedding, delighted and entertained by all fragrant exoticism surrounding them.
by Ted E. Grau July 11, 2009
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