A generally funny person that is very easy to get along with. Typically talented at videogames.
(While observing ass-kicking at Guitar Hero)
Person: Man, you're totally awesome! I wish I were as good as you!
Culp: Nah, cuz then I wouldn't be able to handle all the hotties by myself!
by cake_master October 08, 2007
Top Definition
Culp is the residue of both male and female cum; thus giving way to describing any white, crustness that has no origin as culp.
Lars, man you got some culp on the side of your mouth, what you been doin?
Man, I got another culp stain on my sweet jean-jacket.
by Duane and Josh November 17, 2005
v. The act of vomiting and then making out with someone.
Man 1: Dude, you got wasted last night!
Man 2: Yea, but I had a great hookup!
Man 1: I doubt she would say so, you totally culped that chick!
by ZorroX December 06, 2009
Anal sex. This word fills the gap in the English lexicon, for a four-letter word for anal sex.
My new girlfriend is pretty adventurous in the sack. She loves to culp and I love giving her a good culping.
by Drewdles October 09, 2008
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