Act of having twilight bull!@$#$%@#%@#%@$%
shoved up your ass

Girlfriend drags your ass to go see ptwilight. Girlfriend then trys to live life by the book. Screws you over because she thinks she found her Edward Cullen and then she explains everything to you in relation to the book.
Her:Hes like my Edward Cullen
You: wtf?
Her: Your more like the Werewolf in the relationship
You: I'm a loner ass indian?
Her: its Destiny
You: *wonder if anyone else has delt with this bullshit*
You: *go insane and loose hope for the human race*
by cycotiK January 17, 2009
Top Definition
The procedure needed to flush all this Twilight shit out of the world's system.
Did you go to the Eclipse premiere last night?

No. I had a Cullenoscopy and no longer like tweener books that are made into asinine movies.
by nerotheantihero June 30, 2010
the method of receiving a butt-chewing from one such person named cullen; and/or when one such person named cullen receives a probe up the butt, (probably for being such a turd), no pun intended. (yeah, right)
didn't you get a cullenoscopy the other day? how are you feeling?
by nikkicole June 13, 2008
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