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In order to satisfy the intense desire to cuddle someone, no matter what the situation, one may choose to instigate a Cuddle Fight. Similar to an arm wrestle, in that it can be spontaneous and needs no preparation. In a Cuddle Fight, everyone is a winner.

Antonym of Cuddle Rape.
"Doop doop doop here I am on the High Stree-oh my gosh I just HAVE to cuddle someone RIGHT NOW..."

"Deep deep deep here I am minding my own business"


"I accept your challenge!"

"Hooray, we both win!"
by dewdars February 09, 2010
1. A fight with one's partner that is so simple and stupid that it could only occur after sex.
2. A fight with one's partner that is very simple and easy to resolve so that the couple can engage in make-up sex.
I started a cuddle fight last night, the make up sex was great.
by killak305 July 30, 2008
A fight in which two people engage in aggressive cuddling. Weapons used in these fights are alcohol, pajamas, and cheesy pick up lines.
"I wish to fight you."

"Well I don't want to engage in a bat fight, so we better make it a CUDDLE FIGHT."
by Btone24 September 27, 2009